NOIRE eCrime Warning solution Application and Account Openings

Identifies and screens applications, new account openings for financial organisations.

Real time checks performed on the online application for new accounts to identify fraud patterns and alert to high risk new customer applications. Using NOIRE consortium of reputation plus many other factors, online new account openings and applications are screened to detect fraudulent activities with little to no false positives. Used by financial and retail businesses providing an extra layer to the security fraud risk management strategies.

Total unique solution for identifying fraud, proven to scale to handle millions of checks and identify in real time.

The benefits with NOIRE:

  • Filter out many applications reducing costs
  • Link together events to identify high risk applicaitons
  • Significantly reduce work load.
  • Prevent accounts being opened using phished customer details which would then go on to have fraud.
  • Brand protection by looking after your customers.


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