NOIRE was the inspiration of leading payments and risk specialists who felt that the online industry was being done a disservice by technology and was being held back by the risk exposures of doing business online. NOIRE has since grown into a boutique payments service provider, offering the most advanced and sophisticated payments and risk technologies to global public companies as well as eCommerce start-ups.

Simply Switch On

NOIRE constantly delivers reliable, flexible and secure payment services, which can be implemented with ease, maximising revenues and providing confidence to clients and businesses.

Our Goal

To serve businesses with cutting-edge solutions that enable secure and simple online operations, enhancing brand in the marketplace. We also aim to deliver tangible value to our clients through our technology in the shortest period of time.

Power Through Payments

We define our success through our customer’s success, so we’re here to assist you in making your business as successful as possible.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Values