Recurring Billing with Stored Billing Plans

Easy recurring billing with a ready-to-use, PCI-compliant stored billing plan implementation

Product facts

Recurring billing with stored billing plans allows merchants to collect regular payments from shoppers in an automated way.
The merchant system can create a billing plan by submitting a scheduling request to the payment gateway. This request defines the amount, currency, trial period, frequency, duration and optionally notice period for the billing plan.
The payment gateway will then automatically debit the customer in regular intervals according to the billing plan.
The merchant can adjust or terminate the billing plan at any time


  • Save time and money through process automation
  • Minimise business risk through tokenisation
  • Minimise PCI-DSS effort
  • Billing plans range from simple to sophisticated
  • Fast and easy integration– no development required on your part
  • Full data exports available; no data lock-in


  • During shopper registration, the payment gateway collects all essential shopper and payment data, managing these in a secure way that is certified according to PCI. The registration data is represented via a token used for subsequent payments.
  • Based on this registration, you can set up an automated billing plan by submitting a scheduling request to the gateway. In addition to the token, the scheduling request contains the amount, currency and description of the payment to be repeated, as well as the trial period, frequency, duration and an optional cancellation period for the billing plan.
  • After the billing plan is set up, the gateway will automatically trigger recurring payments in regular intervals as defined in the billing plan for the duration of that plan. If an account updater service is supported by the issuer, expired card details can be automatically updated.
    You are free to change or cancel existing billing plans at any time by sending a rescheduling (change) or de-scheduling (cancellation) request to the gateway. Cancellations will become effective only after the cancellation period of the billing plan, if one was defined earlier on.
  • Even after a billing plan has expired or has been cancelled, the same registration token can still be used for new billing plans or one-off payments until the merchant decides to de-register the shopper. In this case, all shopper data will be deactivated and archived securely according to PCI data security standards and regulations.

Technical details

  • Multiple independent billing plans can be created for the same token, which allows the modelling of advanced recurring scenarios.
  • The token and the payment data represented by it are stored independently from the billing plan and can be used for one-off payments in addition to the billing plan.