Merchant-managed recurring billing

Product facts

Our Recurring billing facilitates regular payment collection:

  • A customer account is opened and personal data as well as payment details are stored in a secure data vault abstracted by a token
  • Customers are debited initially and on a regular basis, following industry standards, in order to minimise payment bounce rates
  • Fast and easy integration starting with initial payment processing
  • Merchant is in full control of payment management and can request varying debit amounts and/or frequencies(e.g. first month free or changing payment amounts)
  • Simple updates of any billing details
  • Acceptance across various clearing institutions supported
  • Data portability in case you decide to leave; as your data belongs to you, export functions allow stored subscription data to be retrieved
  • Easy extension of Account Updater information possible


  • Offer your own flexible subscription models
  • Have full control of all billing parameters
  • Adapt your marketing strategy with flexible price or product variations, which activate shoppers and help you to react to market changes immediately
  • Address new shopper groups
  • Increase shopper conversion rate through individual subscription and marketing models
  • Minimise business risk through tokenisation
  • Start immediately after one day of implementation
  • No interruption of merchant services during data and service migration
  • No data lock. Your data belong to you!

How it works

  • The registration module collects all essential shopper data and payment methods used for regular payments, managing these in a secure way that is certified according topics (level 1). The registration data is abstracted via a token used for subsequent payment.
  • The merchant calls the payment platform and requests to debit a shopper, referencing the registration details via the token provided; this initiates a recurring payment cycle.
  • The merchant repeats the payment collection as defined by the shopper’s subscription agreement. For regular processing, merchants can adapt their marketing strategy with flexible price or product variations, which activate the shopper or initiate a reaction to competitors.
  • In case the shopper cancels the service, the merchant deregisters the shopper in the registration module. All data will be deactivated and archived securely according to industry standards and regulations.
  • In case the Account Updater service is supported by the issuer, expired card details can be automatically updated.