Make your business transparent with reporting capabilities

Product facts

The payment gateway’s reporting capabilities make your business highly transparent by enabling you to track payments in real-time. The sophisticated and diverse reporting functionalities give you the perfect tools to reconcile your systems, to expand your data quality and analyze your payments. The gateway’s advanced Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) provides all your business levels with the necessary data to fulfill their responsibilities:

  • The management level uses the BIP reporting for strategic analysis and decision making (MIS)
  • The operative management checks the reporting for verifying the successful processing (KPI)
  • The technical operation teams ensure the system quality through received reports and alerts (Integration)


  • Ensure the quality of your payment business
  • Make your payment acceptance rates transparent
  • Optimize choice of payment methods based on acceptance rates
  • Control your merchant accounts through payment and risk management analytics
  • Easy sales controlling through payment analytics
  • Use reports as basis for your reconciliation processes


  • Reports include all technical and business relevant data for processed or declined transactions.
  • Receive aggregated reports grouped by more than 20 dimensions from payment method to country and currency to date.
  • Receive reports automatically or by download your individual report manually.
  • Freely customize your export or select a template from pre-defined templates.
  • Create and store customized reporting templates personalized to your needs.
  • Reports are PCI-compliant, e.g. they either do not contain card data or card data are masked.
  • Choose between different report file formats such as csv and excel.
  • Use the reports for:
    o Reconciliation purpose such as system consolidations,
    o Operational processes such as tracking of processed/shipped orders,
    o Conversion rate analysis, e.g. which payment methods have the highest acceptance rates,
    o Chargeback analysis, e.g. monitor chargeback rates.

Technical features

  • Single transactions export:
    o Includes all technical and business relevant data,
    o Automatic or manual export option.
  • • Aggregated export:
    o Shows sums and volumes of processed payments
    o Manual export option.
  • • Data warehouse analysis export:
    o Perform payment and chargeback analysis, by payment method, payment type, country, currency, chargeback reason codes, etc…
    o Multi-dimensional cube for analysis of top 5sales channel KPI, top regional or payment method figures, check conversions per scheme etc..
    o Navigate through time and analyze chargeback and rejection rates and reasons
    o Presentation layer provides different graphical diagram templates serving any use case displaying the processing data in charts of column, line, pie or bar diagrams.
    o Manual export option.
  • • XML query API:
    o Send real-time request xml queries for single and multi-transaction status