Maximise profits through modular risk intelligence

Product facts

When faced with multiple ongoing fraud threats, the ability to quickly detect and defend against these attacks without impact on your business is absolutely essential.
Our integrated risk intelligence solutions offer tailored fraud protection for all online payment methods and industries.
By limiting your exposure to fraud, we help you to reduce your costs associated with fraudulent transactions and to increase your revenues by up to 30%.


  • Boost your revenues by minimisingchargebacks, fraud and unauthorised transactions
  • Keep good business and increase the conversion rate by activating only necessary risk checks
  • Risk checks can be processed independently of a payment transaction
  • Meet the requirements of your acquiring partner or scheme provider
  • Control risk through transaction velocity restrictions
  • Adaptable to all industries
  • Easy to activate


The gateway serves a variety of payment and financial institutions worldwide. Therefore, our more than 120 internal risk management tools can be applied to transactions including e-commerce, remittance, adult entertainment, multi-level marketing, travel, pharmacy, dating, gaming and gambling and many more.
We have abundant experience in creating the perfect fit for an optimal risk set-up.
Validation and risk checks can be carried out in a stand-alone transaction, before the actual payment, to allow you to adapt your workflow according to the result. Stand-alone risk checks can be used to determine the payment method selection offered to a shopper. Shoppers with a low score value only have access to payment methods with little to zero risk, e.g. online bank transfer

Technical features

All checks are executed and scored in real time. Transactions that are below a customisable threshold are declined; the rest are approved. You can also choose to have transactions marked for manual review if they fall within a certain score range.

  • Semantic customer validation
  • Algorithmic and database account validation
  • Black and white lists on account numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, BINs, etc.
  • Payment type and ticket size restrictions
  • Plausibility checks
  • IP-based and geolocation checks built on Neustar IP (formerly Quova)
  • Correlation checks
  • Fraud-detection algorithms
  • Velocity checks on accounts, merchants, IP and email addresses
  • Authentication methods such as micro deposits, SMS, email, bank account or credit card authentication
  • AVS verification
  • 3D Secure (Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code / J/Secure)
  • Additional selection of third-party checks available