NOIRE eCrime Warning solution Chargeback Dispute Resolution

Significantly reduces chargebacks of do not recognise transaction.

Chargebacks are an increasing issue for many businesses that operate in certain high risk models. Effective management of chargebacks is key to keeping in business. Many reported chargebacks occur when the card holder simply says that they do not recognise the transaction and reports it to the card issuer, who subsequently turns it into a chargeback. This is very difficult for the merchant to dispute. However, NOIRE fraud risk management technology provides evidence that connects the card holder to the transaction can be provided in the dispute process, therefore allowing significant reduction in these types of chargebacks.

Total unique solution for managing fraud, proven to scale to handle millions of checks and identify in real time.

The benefits with NOIRE:

  • Significantly increase chargeback dispute win rate
  • Reduce cost of managing fraud
  • Simply process of chargeback management.
  • Brand protection by looking after your customers accounts

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