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A payment gateway is essential to keeping your customer’s credit card details secure when paying online, over the phone or by mail order.NOIRE PAY’s Payment Gateway and Merchant Account package allows you to process payments from all the leading cards around the world in one simple agreement. Readmore

In order to accept payments online from credit and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard or American Express, you will need a Payment Gateway and an Internet Merchant Account, which is different to a business bank account.Readmore

Business never stops. Take payments from any device, tablet, pc or smartphone, from anywhere in the world.We offer a cloud-based virtual terminal, allowing you to process mail order and telephone payments (MO/TO payments). Readmore

Customers want choice. In order to expand your business, open up to new markets and grow, we offer the widest choice of payment options and methods.We tailor our payment solutions to suit your business needs, creating bespoke solutions just for you. We offer flexible and scalable solutions, adding or removing payment options at a moment’s notice. Readmore