NOIRE protects transactions. Our risk management solutions provide a wide range of real time detection and risk tools to speed up payments, reduce chargebacks, making business online safe and confident. NOIRE uses a multi layered approach to reduce risk from every angle. Multiple security strategies and technologies that balance protection and profitability at every stage of the payment lifecycle.


  • Real Time Transaction Monitoring
    Review every transaction in real time before we authorise the transaction reducing your costs
  • Real Time Proxy Detection
    Identifies if the transaction came from a computer using a proxy
  • Recognition Technology
    Uniquely identify every device that is used to do the payment
  • Advanced Reporting
    Real time view enables measurement of system and users performance
  • Free 3D Secure Service
    We can implement 3D Secure completely free of charge and now support 3D Secure Version 2
  • 24/7 UK based Support
    Our fraud and risk specialists are available 24/7 to advise, monitor and refine your fraud and risk strategies


  • Reduce chargebacks and the overall costs to your business
    Detect issues with unbeatable accuracy
  • Increase sales
    Enhance authorisation decisions and ensure legitimate orders are not rejected
  • Less manual review
    We only look at the relevant orders and high risk transactions
  • Increase conversion rates
    We only activate the necessary risk checks in order to keep good business
  • Adaptable to all industries
    No matter what your business, we can create bespoke risk management solutions to suit your needs
  • Easy to set-up and activate
    We react to the market and can adapt our solutions as and when changes to the service is needed

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