NOIRE eCrime Warning Services Device Identification

Uniquely identify every customers device touching your website such as PC, Mac, Mobiles, Virtual PC…

Identifies in real time and creates a unique reference for every customer device. This allows for reputation checks on the device used by the customer, identify fraud attacks, compromised accounts or fraudulent applications for new account openings. Device ID can also be used for account abuse monitoring in gaming and social media.

NOIRE provides technology that support and meets with requirements in these areas. Total unique solution for managing fraud risk, proven to scale to handle millions of checks and identify in real time.

The benefits with NOIRE Device ID:

  • Identify fraud based on velocity check on the device used by the customer
  • Real time check on reputation on the device used by the customer
  • Real time check on blacklist on confirmed fraud
  • Tamper proof, unlike tags and cookies used by other solutions
  • No customer experience impacted
  • Filter events for review, significantly reducing the cost of managing fraud.
  • Link analysis using confirmed fraud to find other events
  • Brand protection.

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