eCommerce Guide

Building a website
In order to sell online you are going to need a website. Unless you know html coding, it is best to use trusted web developers to design, customise and make a website, implement your chosen eCommerce software and integrate your chosen payment processing service.
Thinking about the user is key when designing your ecommerce website. Navigation around the site must be quick and easy and your brand must be clearly represented throughout the entire website.
The second thing to think about is how you’re going to host your website. Are you going to host your own site on your own server or use a provider, which is the easier option. You can always decide to switch later to hosting your own site, depending on how popular your website becomes and how well you understand internet security and website maintenance. The key is finding the hosting company who has the specific tools to help your online business.
Ecommerce Software
Then, you need to think about what eCommerce software solution, also known as ecommerce shopping cart, you are going to use. There are many kinds of ecommerce platforms and interfaces to choose from. You can choose a custom-built solution, so you have a fully customised interface to suit your exact requirements. This is the most costly option, however allows you to keep brand identity exactly as you want it.
You could use off-the-shelf software, which is a ready-made code that you purchase and integrate on to your site, allowing you some control over the design and interface of the ecommerce shopping cart.
Alternatively, use a hosted solution, the quickest and easiest of all three types of ecommerce platforms to implement, however it allows the least amount of flexibility and customisation. The shopping cart software is created entirely by the hosted platform. Some examples are Magento, Shopify and Zen. NOIRE simply plugs into these with provided connectors.
Payment Service Provider
To sell goods and services online you will need an internet merchant account and a payment gateway. Payment service providers, like NOIRE, offer payment solutions for your online business. A merchant account is needed to accept payments for credit and debit cards online. If you already have a merchant account for face-to-face, or card-present, transaction, you will not be able to use that same account for online transactions; you will need a separate internet merchant account. A payment gateway is the link between the shopping cart on your website and the merchant account, which authorises the transaction. A payment gateway provides some level of security as customer’s details are sent encrypted, however more advanced fraud protection systems can be implemented.
Some payment gateways send you to an alternative pay page to process card details, however users will experience a break in the journey of buying the product or service, which could cause them to back out of buying the product. NOIRE’s payment gateway is integrated on to your website on a secure SSL page, allowing your business to keep total control over brand identity.

NOIRE can offer your online business any solution to meet its trading needs, whether you are a high or low risk merchant and no matter the size of your business, NOIRE can accommodate your needs. We can accommodate businesses who want a virtual terminal to process MO/TO (mail order/telephone order) payments. Many online payment systems only provide the payment gateway – fine for businesses who already have an internet merchant account – but only a few, including NOIRE, provide the payment gateway and merchant account in one solution.

You also want to make sure, when choosing a payment service provider, that you are going to be well protected from credit card fraud. Secure payment services can be hard to come by, however NOIRE has industry-leading experts at its helm and is constantly developing new and advancing existing fraud protection and risk management technologies. You want to be sure you can run your business without the threat of fraud and your customer’s can shop with ease on your ecommerce website, with the knowledge that their details are safe. We offer simplified and easy to implement fraud protection, designed and customised to suit the specific needs of your business. We do not want you to be paying for risk management tools you have no need for. And, of course, NOIRE is PCI DSS level 1 compliant, the highest level of fraud protection.

It is also completely up to you whether you set up 3D Secure on your website, but we have to capability to be able to do so, at no extra cost.
NOIRE also offers round the clock free UK-based support, all the way through from beginning the application, to the set-up process, to payment processing. We will be here for you, should you need anything.. You may be surprised to hear this, but some payment service providers offer only fee-based support and limited fraud protection with premium costs.

NOIRE manages your merchant services 24/7. We will report any suspicious activity in real-time and update you immediately with any issues experienced.
By providing you with a merchant account and a payment gateway in one simple solution, we can guarantee your chances of success at acquiring an internet merchant account, even if your business is high risk, niche or a brand new start up business, and we can afford you the flexibility of being with any bank who will offer your business the best rates, instead of payment service providers only offering merchant accounts from one high street bank.