FOREX, CFDs and Spreadbetting

NOIRE is focused on providing the best in class service delivering payment strategies and over 220 different alternate payment options to meet the requirements for every region.

Since 2012 NOIRE has provided payment services to many of the worlds leading forex, CFDs and spread betting providers. Supporting multiple regions and payment options.

The benefits with NOIRE:

  • Domain expertise in this sector
  • Over 220 Alternate payment options
  • Get the best payment strategy for each region
  • Achieve best success rates on processing
  • Payouts to customers card for more than the original transaction
  • Settlements in all the main currencies
  • Supporting AML checks:

  • Card name checking
  • Card address Verification
  • Fraud Risk Management:

  • 3ds and 3ds version 2 ready
  • Many fraud rules, More on our fraud and risk management
  • Other risk detection tools:

  • Account compromise detection read more.


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