The information contained in this email may be privileged or otherwise protected by law. For this reason, if you are not the intended recipient, or if you have received this message by mistake, kindly inform the sender immediately using the information in the signature above. You are asked not to forward, disclose or transmit in any manner the contents of this email to any third person, and to immediately delete this message and to refrain from storing under any form. NOIRE does not accept any liability for any person acting, or failing to act, on the advice in this message. While NOIRE endeavors to ensure that its email correspondence is free from any viruses and other harmful software, it cannot accept liability for any damage that may be caused to recipients by any viruses or harmful software that may, from time to time, be inadvertently transmitted.
All and any contract between NOIRE and other parties must be in writing and signed by the authorised signature of NOIRE. Any agreement implied or otherwise within an email or conversation with an associate, employee or agent of NOIRE is not binding. It is the responsibility of any party wanting to provide their services to NOIRE to obtain the correct approval and authorised signature of the CEO of NOIRE. NOIRE is a register trade name of the Company.
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