eCrime Warning Services

eCrime Warning Services are real time risk management solutions that can be deployed as part of the payments gateway or stand alone. No need to wait for fraud notifications from issuing bank, detect in realtime fraud before capturing the transaction preventing chargebacks.

  • Real time fraud detection and alerts
  • Fraud alerts across the shared negative lists in real time providing protection to all businesses part of the network
  • No impact on your customers
  • Implement stand alone up and running in hours
  • Access NeWS Business Intelligence Case Manager and rules engine to provide detailed analysis and decision support
  • Can be integrated into existing case managers and rules engines
  • Simple and fast to deploy

eCrime Warning Service?

  • Account compromise detection, identify accounts that have been accessed by fraudsters
  • Online applications screening to filter out fraudulent attempts to gain credit
  • Transaction risk management to identify fraud before processing a transaction and reduce chargebacks


  • Detect compromised accounts before fraud happens
  • Reduce charge backs, 33%+ uplift detection over current processes and systems
  • 60%+ increase in operational efficiencies through improved work flow, reduced false positives and event link analysis

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