Batch Processing

Batch processing is a type of data processing and data communications transmission in which remaining credit card transactions on a merchant’s terminal are grouped together and stored in an “open” batch, where they will remain unless the merchant “batches out”. Once this happens, the batch is submitted for processing, and the batch is now “closed” or “settled”.

The advantages of batch production and batch processing are numerous, the most important being that batches can be stored up and then processed at a time when the computer is not needed for another task for an extended period of time.

An example of batch processing is the way in which credit card companies process billing. The customer does not receive an individual bill for each purchase they have made, but one bill at the end of the month for the collective purchases. This bill is created through batch processing, where all of the data is collected and held until the bill is processed as a batch at the end of the billing cycle.

The opposite of batch processing is transaction processing systems or interactive processing, where the application responds to commands as soon as you enter them. There is no waiting time.

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