A hyperlink, or link, is a hypertext connection (a cross-referencing system) that can immediately take you to another document or another part of the same document. Over the internet, hyperlinks appear as text or pictures that are highlighted.

To follow a hyperlink, click the highlighted material. You can create hyperlinks in Word, hyperlinks in pdf and a hyperlink image. To create a hyperlink, you must use the html hyperlink code.

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Payment Processing Services by NOIRE PAY

NOIRE PAY & NOIRE provides industry leading online payment processing services & risk management technologies. Designed using NOIRE PAY’s, “Simply Switch On”, approach to payment processing, our payment solutions are built using the latest payment processing technology enabling businesses to “Plug In” and “Switch On” payment modules with ease if and when required.

As a leading Payment Service Provider, you can trust NOIRE PAY to find the right solution for your business. We provide everything in one simple agreement – your Internet Merchant Account, Payment Gateway and Payment Processing with all the leading cards issuers. Combined with NOIRE’s industry leading fraud & risk management solutions, merchants can be confident managing their payments safely and securely from beginning to end with NOIRE PAY.

Join NOIRE PAY today or contact us on +44 (0) 203 283 4585 of more information.