Retrieval Request

Retrieval requests are an inevitable part of e-commerce payment systems and online credit card processing.

A retrieval request takes place when the credit card issuer requests a copy of the actual sales draft, or receipt, of a credit card transaction from the merchant. There are a number of different reason for retrieval requests. For example, a retrieval request may be the result of a customer disputing bank charges, innacurate or incomplete transaction information, a processing error or a possible indication of fraud. In short, a retrieval request is the initial step that the issuer takes in the event that the issuer or the cardholder disputes a transaction.

The merchant usually has 10-20 days to handle the situation, if the retrieval request is not acted upon within the specified time frame, or the merchant provides an illegible sales draft, then it turns into a bank chargeback. A card chargeback issued in this manner has no reversal or representment rights, if the merchant did not act upon the retrieval request, and additional fees may be assessed.

Both retrieval requests and chargebacks are controlled by credit card companies and their rules. The merchant needs to be aware of and follow the company’s regulations, timeframes and documentation requirements in order to ensure the merchant has the best chance for success during a dispute.

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