Support Documentation

Support documentation are documents and any evidence that can back up a chargeback request. Any additional material that can uphold a dispute can be used.

A written form of complaint is required specifying the dispute and is sent from the cardholder to the issuing bank, who then contacts the merchant or merchant account service. The supporting documentations from the cardholder can contain cardholder’s name, the card number, transaction date, the total transaction amount, transaction number, the merchant’s name and the cardholder’s signature. The cardholder’s bank will then request a retrieval of transaction details from the merchant. If this is not provided by a set date, the chargeback will be immediately issued to the cardholder.

The documentation that a merchant needs to provide will be anything that can dispute the cardholder’s claim for a chargeback. This can be any documentation that can prove a transaction took place, such as the cardholder’s details, signature, if possible, and the product or service that was charged.

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