Third-Party Processing

Third-party processing, also known as an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP), is a merchant service carried out by service providers when a credit card is accepted in a transaction.

A third-party payment processor is most commonly used when a merchant does not have possession of their own merchant account and instead borrows the use of the third-party processor’s merchant account. A third-party processor provides credit card services by receiving transaction data from the business. A payment gateway then transports that data to the issuer’s bank for it to be approved or declined. The payment gateway will then send the card details and authorisation from the card issuer’s bank to the third party processor, who then accepts this transaction and the funds go into the third-party processor’s account, to be later transferred into the merchant’s bank account.

This process normally re-directs the card issuer to the third-party processing checkout and away from the merchant’s website. Once the transaction has been authorised, the customer will be directed back onto the merchant’s website and the transaction can be completed.

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