VisaNet is an electronic payment processing system that is used to operate with e-commerce transactions. On average a transaction using VisaNet will take less than a second.

The merchant and consumer’s banks must be members of Visa for the system to process a transaction. When a transaction takes place, the merchant’s bank keeps and stores the transaction details and contacts the consumer’s bank through VisaNet. The consumer’s bank will either accept or decline this transaction. Once it has been accepted, VisaNet will transport a code securely to the merchant’s bank where it is stored in a file and awaits settlement. VisaNet is currently the largest system that does this.

VisaNet can support debit, prepaid credit, credit, mobile payments and transfers as well as running risk management applications in real time when processing a transaction. The system provides telecommunication and payment data processing on a global scale. VisaNet can provide a distinct service catered to the country that the organisation, consumer or government is in using multiple currency and language processing services.

VisaNet is owned by Visa Corporate and was one of the first companies to have electronic card authorisation systems.

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