NOIRE Screens over 1 million UK Credit Applications Each Month

A Complete Offering for Online Payment and Risk Management

London – 22 Aug 2012 – NOIRE, one of the leading providers of payment and risk management technologies delivers huge value to its customers through better fraud detection and prevention. NOIRE eCrime Warning Services NeWS currently screens over 1 million UK online applications for credit every month.

NOIRE eCrime Warning Services (NeWS), NeWS was built from ground up to be a real time consortium fraud risk management solution. Fraud is a problem best solved by bringing companies together, reducing the risk of doing business online. Fraud detection in the online application space is a growing challenge. People can make online applications from anywhere in the World using what appear to be sound details that pass all the usual checks. These details often obtained from customers being Phished. NeWS is able to detect and alert in real time. Using NeWS companies not only reduce fraud but save huge amounts of time and costs in managing the risk and exposure to further costly unnecessary checks.

Fraud patterns are ever changing, becoming more advanced. Working together in a real time collaborative environment, businesses can make instant decisions and reducing the cost and risk of doing business online.

NOIRE eCrime Warning Services is used in the eCommerce space to manage and reduce charge backs, in online gaming to reduce additional risk exposures and financial services industry for account compromise detection and online credit applications.
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