Challenges faced when navigating card scheme requirements

If you’ve been working in retail this 2020, then it’s likely you’ve been able to take advantage of a genuinely global marketplace.

The power of digital communication and the potential of ecommerce as made it easy to sell to people thousands of miles away, as well as close to home, and this has helped to fuel the massive boom in online retail during the pandemic.

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Glossary of Payment Terms

If you are selling goods or services – whether to the public or other businesses – you probably know only too well that payment methods are in the vanguard of technological development in the business world. You will likely also recognise the importance of getting to grips with the language used in such transactions and so we thought we would cover some of these terms in our latest blog.

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Why Visa Direct is changing the face of cross-border payments

14th October 2020

As cashless transactions begin to dominate more of our lives, it’s easy to assume that the framework for transferring funds effortlessly is already firmly in place.

This might be the case in a single market, but in April 2020, the G20 group of countries published a report – ‘Enhancing Cross Border Payments’ – which set out the complexity of the many current arrangements for cross border payments.

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