New Card Scheme Compliance Rules: Are you Ready?

If you are merchant, it’s vital that you ensure that the technologies you use are always compliant with the latest regulations. So, how can you make this easy for you and your business?

Technology has made it easier than ever to pay for goods and services instantly no matter how much geographical distance there might be between the purchaser and the provider.

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NOIRE 3-d Secure (3DS) version 2.0

London – January 2019. NOIRE announces 3-D Secure (3DS) version 2.0 availability. This new version of the 3DS authentication protocol will be made available to NOIRE customers in addition to the standard 3DS authentication processes. Included in the release are several key changes to the handling of eCommerce and mobile payments. With PSD2 regulations on strong customer authentication coming into effect, it is more important than ever to understand how 3DS 2.0 can help ensure compliance while reducing fraud rates and improving checkout conversion.
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NOIRE Expands Services in Chinese Payment Processing

London – November 2017. NOIRE, a leading London-based online payments service provider, are pleased to announce the introduction of additional cross border processing for Chinese payments.

This follows on from a similar expansion of services last year to improve the efficiency and security of online payments made from the South America region, including major economic centres such as Brazil and Mexico. NOIRE’s latest alternative payments venture is designed to address some common issues, which are currently preventing many growing e-commerce businesses across the UK and Europe from fully succeeding in Asian markets.

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