NOIRE launches OneClickSecure, Enhancing Fraud Protection and Simplifying Risk Management

NOIRE launches NOIRE OneClickSecure

20th December, London – NOIRE, a leading provider of online payment solutions and technologies, is now offering a new cutting-edge risk management tool, NOIRE OneClickSecure, which allows merchants to activate their chosen level of risk management with just one click.

Fraud and the threat of fraud is an everyday occurrence for merchants. Criminals are coming up with ever more sophisticated ways to separate merchants from their money and unfortunately merchants are accepting these losses as part of their business. Therefore the need to detect and defend against these attacks without any negative impact on the merchant is essential.

However, risk management solutions can be confusing and time-consuming. A merchant should not have to spend hours each day assessing transactions, so choosing the correct risk strategy for a business is vital in order to find the right balance between enabling merchant business, to maximise profits, and preventing a high fraud ratio.

NOIRE’s new OneClickSecure technology enhances fraud prevention and simplifies risk management down to just one click. Based on industry expert’s combined knowledge of more than ten years, instead of a long-lasting trial and error process, NOIRE OneClickSecure reduces fraud rates by up to 80%, whilst maximising conversion rates at the same time. It also minimises unauthorised transactions and chargeback fees by at least 60%. With just one mouse-click you can activate and manage the right risk configuration for your business.

Based on 25,000 different combinations and settings of risk management, the top 20 most used risk checks are selected and combined into three levels of fraud protection: smart, advanced and excellent. Each level contains selected risk checks to protect business needs sufficiently, however a merchant has the possibility to customise their package by activating additional risk checks, or de-selecting any pre-defined check in the selected risk package. Activation of extra internal and external risk checks is also possible, allowing a merchant the highest degree of flexibility within their selected risk package. NOIRE OneClickSecure can also be activated in a “dry run” before taking the system live in order to test new settings to ensure a merchant has selected the right package for their business.

Tim Thompson, CEO of NOIRE, commented “We are really excited to offer NOIRE OneClickSecure as it simplifies risk management for merchants and allows them to concentrate on growing their business. Our primary focus is to look after our merchants. NOIRE OneClickSecure also maintains NOIRE’s “simply switch on” ethos and approach to all technologies, whereby the user is able to “plug in” and “switch on” the technology with ease, requiring little technical knowledge.”

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