NOIRE: A Year in Review

Looking Back on 2013

London – 21 Jan 2014 – NOIRE, a leading provider of online payment solutions and technologies now in its 3rd year of processing transactions, has seen incredible growth in 2013. Fast becoming the United Kingdom’s foremost payment processing company, NOIRE has achieved exponential growth which shows no sign of slowing down in 2014.

During economic recovery, there will be winners and, inevitably, there will be losers. Who comes out on top depends on how businesses can update their strategies to adapt to new consumer behaviour. The businesses that are emerging as most successful after hard economic times are those that have adapted to using eCommerce, both online and mobile, which can be seen by the latest data regarding online spending over the Christmas period in 2013. Offering convenience and allowing a more cautious consumer to compare prices immediately, eCommerce is the most viable option to grow a business in 2014.

In order for businesses to accommodate eCommerce sales, they need secure payment processing solutions that are able to accommodate high volumes of transactions in a very short period of time, whilst maintaining the highest level of fraud protection, so consumers feel safe using a retailer’s online services.

NOIRE have maintained their ethos of creating simple and easy to use, yet extremely effective technologies that allow the client to “simply switch on” the solution, without continuous maintenance. Constantly working towards their main goal of reducing fraud to an insignificant level, they have released a number of cutting-edge online risk management tools which reduce fraud and the overall threat of fraud.

NOIRE launched OneClickSecure, which simplifies the process of choosing which risk management strategy to apply to suit the specific needs of eCommerce merchants, allowing businesses to manage their time more efficiently by removing unnecessary manual screening and reducing lost revenue costs and chargebacks. Other products launched last year included new risk and payments solutions specifically for the short-term lending industry and the foreign exchange industry, which have been implemented by some of the largest companies in these fields.

The market now recognises that NOIRE offers the best risk management solutions and fraud protection services. NOIRE goes above and beyond to protect businesses from the threat of fraud by creating the most advanced risk management technology and offering them exclusively to NOIRE PAY customers. As such, transactions grew 100 fold in 2013 compared to 2012 and, as we head into 2014, the number of transactions being processed each day is consistently growing.

NOIRE has dedicated teams supporting merchant on boarding in new regions including France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Poland. These new markets facilitate the growth and expansion of NOIRE PAY’s services across Europe and take advantage of emerging and fast growing eCommerce markets.

In order to accommodate this unprecedented growth, in NOIRE’s second year of trading the number of staff doubled to include dedicated teams for application processing, to provide even better customer service, and dedicated teams for each new location.

Looking ahead to 2014, NOIRE is excited to offer payment solutions to larger merchants and continuing its tremendous growth.

About NOIRE: NOIRE is a leading provider of payment services and risk management technologies, enabling businesses to transact online safely, fast and with ease. By allowing companies to move faster, NOIRE increases revenues whilst reducing risk and costs of doing business. Supporting FTSE listed companies as well as small businesses, NOIRE is changing the face of online business. Learn more about NOIRE.

About NOIRE Payment Technology: Fast, simple and safe, we enable organisations to accept and process payments online in multiple currencies with confidence and increase revenues. We assist our merchants in taking their businesses global. Learn more about NOIRE Payments Technology.